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February 23, 2022 3 min read

Many people think that exercise or dieting alone will help them lose weight or that taking supplements alone will contribute to weight loss or health benefits. But, in fact, it isn't an exercise or supplement alone that can help you to achieve your goals, but a combination of the two. You want to support efforts to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle in a way that benefits both your bones, muscles, and overall wellness.

How Supplements Help with Exercise

When you are exercising, whether it’s for health reasons or to lose or gain weight, it can put a strain on your body. When you say you want to put weight on, you usually mean you want to gain muscle weight. To do this, you will want to build up your muscles while also losing fat.

You may decide that's it's exercise vs. supplements instead of a combination of both. The problem is that when you lose weight, you frequently lose muscle mass as well. Plus, you will usually need to eat well and change your overall eating habits if you want to achieve your goals. Part of that process involves moderating your consumption to an optimal level and eating the right things, which is often easier said than done.

You can gain muscle when youresistance train, and you help that process by eating nutrient-dense foods. Supplements can complement your efforts by supporting your muscle growth and providing the building blocks to do so.


The perfect supplement to support both controlling your diet and also for an energy pick-me-up isAloeTrim for Diet and Metabolic Wellness by AloeCure. AloeTrim contains a full clinical dosage of plant isolates derived from Olives and Apples (ingredients at the heart of the Mediterranean diet), along with Aloprin, a proprietary isolate from organic aloe vera, which contains some of the highest levels of Acemannan known to exist, Aloe Vera's most famous health supporting nutrient and a unique type of polysaccharide.

Aloprin is a bio enhancer that works naturally to protect and safely support the uptake of ingredients and effectiveness of this supplement. Plus, the supplement contains Guarana Seed to maintain mental focus and increased energy. In addition, Guarana contains a small amount of caffeine naturally, equal to about ¼ cup of coffee per dose, which offers a little pick-me-up without the caffeine jitters, to help support your heart health and muscle recovery.


How Can Aloe Help You?

The aloe plant is an ideal way to help support hydration and digestive wellness after a workout. Aloe can help your body stay hydrated to flush out impurities. In addition, Aloe Vera contains nutrients that can support weight loss goals, your immune system and help promote muscle regeneration after a workout. So, you see, it isn't just exercise vs. supplement but a combination of both.

AloeCure produces an assortment of supplements to support your dietary and wellness needs, all with Aloe as a central and featured ingredient.AloeTrim,Veraflex by AloeCure for Joint Health, andAloeCure Pure Aloe Vera Juice are all ideal for your post-workout. AloeCure has a whole product line that can help you with supplements that support your health and wellness need. Plus, the supplements will help maintain the results you worked so hard on.


Another plus foraloe supplements and juices is that the nutrients will support the ingestion and preservation of ingredients through your digestive tract. By supporting a healthy digestive system and helping maintain balanced stomach acidity, Aloe Vera helps preserve ingredients in supplements through the digestive and absorption process. 

In addition to supplements, exercise, and a healthy diet, recovery from exercise requires rehydration with the intake of extra fluids. Your body needs the excess fluids to rid and flush out the lactic acid build-up from exercising. 

Why AloeCure

Consuming  aloe vera as a supplement, such as AloeCure and VeraFlex, can help maintain joint and muscle health. It works to support a strong immune system and promotes a healthy fully body recovery following a strenuous workout.

There are many health benefits as well as exercise benefits when you use AloeCure products. American Global Heath Group owns and operates one of the largest networks of organically certified aloe farms in the world and provides high-quality and affordable products for health and wellness that can help you on the road to healthy living.

Exercise vs. supplements really isn't a choice since it should be exercise with supplements for your best health.


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