Pure Aloe Vera Juice Lemon Flavor - USDA Certified Organic

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All-In-One Digestive and Immune System Support
  • Processed within 12 Hours of Harvest from AloeCure's owned ECOCERT certified organic farms in AloeCure's owned facility with 98.9% organic Aloe Vera combined with organic Lemon extract. Never from concentrate or powder. Vegan. No added sugar. 0 calories.
  • USDA Certified Organic Lemon Flavor Aloe Juices has a subtle taste that coats your mouth and esophagus with comforting aloe that also helps promotes digestive comfort*.
  • Aloe is naturally pH balanced to support balanced stomach acid levels, helping maintain your natural digestive process day and night, promoting a full nights rest and more energy*.
  • The polysaccharides of Aloe Vera act as a natural pre-biotic that helps support healthy immune function*.
  • Aloe naturally supports nutrient absorption and contains 200 nutrients – amino acids, vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, and enzymes*.
  • Processed within 12 Hours of Harvest from AloeCure's owned ECOCERT certified organic farms in AloeCure's owned facility.

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Benefits of AloeCure Pure Aloe Juice

The Benefits of AloeCure Extract Taken Daily

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption*

Maintain Balanced Stomach Acidity*

Full-spectrum Gut Health Support*

Polysaccharide Immune Support*


Promotes Oral Care*

Suggested Use Of AloeCure Pure Aloe Extract Juice

2fl.oz. twice per day

Drink chilled. As a dietary supplement drink 2fl.oz. twice per day or as recommended by your healthcare provider. For your best digestive health, combine with balanced diet and exercise. Do not use if seal is broken.

Each bottle has 8.5 servings. Store in a cool place away from natural sunlight. Shake before use to mix natural sediments. Recap and refrigerate after opening.Best if used within 7 days after opening.

What Makes AloeCure Extract So Effective?

  • We Keep It Natural.

    AloeCure only uses the inner gel of aloe leaves from our organically certified aloe farms. There are over 230 biologically active compounds including polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes found in Aloe. Our Aloe is processed within 12 Hours of Harvest using our proprietary SATT process to capture the full power and vitality of fresh Aloe without reconstituting powder, chemical treatment, enzymes, or charcoal filtering.

  • The Highest Levels of Bioactivity. 

    AloeCure developed a proprietary technology to process Aloe Vera by controlling and stabilizing air contact, temperature, and time (SATT technology). SATT guarantees pure Aloe will maintain the active components found in living Aloe. Our facilities are certified organic by ECOCERT, FDA registered, American owned, and ISO 22000 and GMP Certified.

  • Our Farms Are Organic.

    AloeCure's American founders established farms in tropical and subtropical regions of southern China rich in volcanic soils with the goal of blending American and Chinese culture with modern, ecologically sensitive organic growing techniques to produce the highest quality Aloe products possible. AloeCure remains wholly American owned, but globally focused and committed to being good stewards and giving back to the communities in which we operate.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you take AloeCure in the morning when you start your day and at night before going to sleep. Also, feel free to take AloeCure anytime you are looking to support digestive wellness.

You may feel a calming effect promptly after drinking AloeCure. However, because AloeCure is not a drug that dramatically and quickly alters your body chemistry, it may take several days for you to feel the full degree of support AloeCure offers your digestive system.

Absolutely! You cannot drink too much AloeCure! Depending on the food that you eat, your lifestyle, your body mass and the history of your digestive system, you may need to drink more than 2 ounces to fully support your digestive system.

It is very easy to make AloeCure a part of your lifestyle. AloeCure is organic and natural and has no known side effects. So, you can take AloeCure indefinitely while maintaining a healthy digestive system.

AloeCure has no known side effects. Our products have less than 1 part per million Aloin content, making the product safe for daily use.

As with any dietary supplement, if you are pregnant you need to consult your physician.

Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller is the type of aloe plant that is used in AloeCure . It is the most effective species of aloe and is used in almost all consumer products that contain aloe.

AloeCure is excellent in smoothies and other juices! It almost disappears in other berry and fruit flavors while still providing all the health benefits. Cranberry is a great combination. The only juice it clashes with is grapefruit juice at least to our taste.

We have naturally removed the plants laxative agent called Aloin to less than 1 part per million. This means AloeCure is not a laxative. AloeCure helps maintain healthy bowel movements with regular use.

Yes. Putting AloeCure juice on your skin is nearly the same as cutting off an aloe leaf and rubbing it on the area. However, for ease of use, we would recommend you check out our sister company, ALODERMA. You can also find their products on our site under the Skin Care section.

Aloe has been show to help with nutrient absorption. In combination with a balanced diet, this may promote energy and wellbeing. Helping your body maintain healthy digestive functions also promote the following benefits: stronger nails, hair and improvement to skin's moisture content, immune health, joint support. It may also help maintain cardiovascular health, healthy blood sugar levels, and more.

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    Christy J.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Love the new USDA Organic Product

    I have tried all of the AloeCure products and just received this today and think this is my favorite. I take Aloe Juice to help maintain my digestive wellness and struggled a bit with the Natural flavor of aloe in the past and the Grape Flavor was too sweet. The lemon flavor in this is subtle, but it really takes the slight edge off of the natural flavor without being acidic. In addition, I can really tell the difference with the removal of Sodium Benzoate from this product. It is hard to describe, but it no longer has that little bit of throat grab i feel like the non-organic version of the natural flavor and also the grape flavor products have. High Quality product and Highly Recommend.

    Barbara B.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    This is just what I was looking for - absolutely fantastic product! It helped me with with my digestive system and comfort, which I have been seeking for years. This is the only product that works for me.

    Todd M.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    it never came

    it never came. terrible. I was excited to have some. Now I'll go through amazon. donks.


    Todd, Sorry to hear that your package didn't arrive after having been confirmed delivered by FedEx. Shipping has been absolutely horrific lately in terms of late deliveries and missing shipments across all service providers. Please reach out to customerservice@aloecure.com or called 1-(800) 671-4180 and we will get a replacement and/or a refund sent out to you immediately. While we do also sell through Amazon, if you are a regular customer, there are much better deals available through aloecure.com with subscriptions and we also have regular sales that allow you to get our product at significantly lower cost than we make available on Amazon. Amazon does have Prime shipping, however, if you are looking for the product in a hurry - we use it as well. :) AloeCure

    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    I was excited to get the product

    When I received the bottles and I realized that the product was made in China, I decided not to take it. I really don’t care if it is a good product or not, it went in the trash.


    We understand some consumers may have concerns about products sourced in China, but it is actually something we pride ourselves on. We believe most consumers don't actually know what they are consuming or where it is sourced from, which is quite different from our products. Just because items are labeled as "Made in America", the reality is that most ingredients in those products are not. It is a reality of the world we live in. For Aloe Vera, most is grown in Mexico. Unbeknownst to most consumers, the vast majority of raw ingredients in dietary supplements they consume are sourced from China. "Manufactured in the USA" does NOT equal Ingredients Sourced in the USA. In addition, 75%+ of the consumer goods sold in the United States come from China. We believe what is truly important is knowing where your products come from and how they are handled and manufactured, which is an issue for all products regardless of their source country and where we really believe we differ. These products are grown on our owned and operated farms in southern China, where we have been operating for over twenty years. We have complete product traceability and we track every bottle to tell you where the aloe came from that went in your bottle within 50 feet and the natural organic fertilizers that went into growing that product for the last 10 years. Our farms are certified USDA organic by ECOCERT, as well as by the local Chinese government. We were one of the first farms in all of China to be certified organic by ECOCERT and carry a full certification from the USDA, as well as the European Union. Our farms are one of a very select few in all of China that has been designated as a certified eco-origin farm due to the sustainable and environmentally sustainable methods we use on our farms. Our farms are actually frequented by tens of thousands of visitors annually and held up as an example of Sino-American cooperation and the proper way to integrate sustainable operations into the community in which company's operate. A combination of unique geography, volcanic soils, and sustainable agriculture lead to aloe with some of the highest concentrations of Acemannan, aloe’s most studied active compound, in the world. Furthermore, our factory where we process and package our aloe drinks and skin care is located within 5 minutes of our farms, which allows us to process all our aloe and turn it into finished products within 12 Hours of Harvest without the use of any harsh chemicals, high temperature treatment or charcoal filtering, which would diminish the natural biological activity found in aloe. This process has been patented and is unique to AloeCure and ALODERMA products and the aloe that we use in our products. Our factory has also been certified by ECOCERT, the U.S. FDA, and is also GMP certified.

    Susan R.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Aloe lemon flavored

    Good However not as tasty as grape flavor I have used in the past? Maybe due to organic/ lower sugar