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Aloe Vera For Dogs: Healthy or Unhealthy?

4 min read

Aloe Vera For Dogs: Healthy or Unhealthy?

It is no secret that Aloe Vera’s many health benefits have been enjoyed by people for centuries. However, few would consider using Aloe Vera for dogs – for their beloved pets to enjoy the many health benefits as they do. That is because information on the subject is misleading, or outright ominous about how Aloe Vera is ‘poisonous’ to dogs.



The fact is that the many properties that Aloe Vera provides for humans can be used to benefit and aid in healing dogs. With regard to the safety of Aloe Vera consumption for both dogs and humans, the key is in knowing which part of the plant is safe to consume. Knowing the best part of the plant to consume will help inform you on on the subject.


Aloe Vera contains minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium; vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E; and amino acids that are essential as the building blocks of protein. In total, Aloe Vera has more than 200 detectible nutrients that are usable by the human body, meaning Aloe Vera may absolutely have a place in dog diets.


Aloe Vera for dogs can be used in gel form for Topical application. Aloe gel is useful for a number of purposes:

  • soothing scrapes
  • moisturizing dry skin 
  • bug bites
  • wounds or incisions

If necessary, the fur must be clipped around the affected areas on your dog’s body, cleaned with a washcloth, before applying Aloe Vera. You can rub the gel directly on the dog’s cuts, scrapes or other wounds. Aloe will ease the swelling, and will also sooth, protect, and moisturize, as well as act to reduce the urge to itch. Use Aloe Vera gel on flea bites, and tick and mosquito bites to give immediate cooling relief to your dog.Aloe Vera for dogs can also be used to help sooth and moisturize dog eczema, rashes, and dry skin, and even allergic reactions to poison ivy. For best results, simply repeat the process several times each day until the skin irritation heals.


Aloe Vera contains a multitude of vitamins and minerals that help support the immune system. Added antioxidant benefits make this a powerful superfood that benefits overall wellness for humans and dogs alike.



Aloe Vera gel can be applied topically to a dog’s skin as much as needed for minor scrapes, lesions, bug bites, burns, etc. Do not be concerned that your pet may lick off the Aloe Vera once applied. First of all, pure Aloe Vera gel (processed to remove Aloin) is safe for your dog to consume. That said, it’s very unlikely that your dog will continue to lick the Aloe off if it is directly from the plant because unprocessed aloe has a bitter, biting aftertaste and is also a stomach irritant due to the Aloin contained in the outer rind. As long as you make sure you are using a high quality Aloe Vera gel with the aloin removed, such asALODERMA Pure Aloe Vera Gel gel for your dog, you should be safe..


The best way for your dog to consume Aloe Vera is to dilute it with a liquid such as a broth that can be mixed in with your pet’s food. Aloe Vera for dogs is perfectly safe. Its many vitamins, minerals, and polysaccharides can aid in digestive support, and it is safe as a daily supplement in your dog’s diet.


Properly prepared Aloe Vera is safe to eat and a good way to obtain its many benefits. Nonetheless, to enjoy the benefits you must know what part of the Aloe plant is safe to eat. The ill effects of consuming whole leaf Aloe Vera are caused by aloin, which is found in the latex lining under the plant's skin. In short, aloin free aloe vera for dogs is shown to be safe.


A simple way to remove aloin is to slice open an Aloe Vera leaf and you will see the clear, pale greenish gel that fills out the center encompassed by a yellowish sap or juice around the outer edge. That yellowish sap is the latex the plant produces and it should not be ingested by your your dog or you so it needs to be thoroughly rinsed in clean water

Aloe latex consumed by humans or dogs can cause problems. Too much of the latex, its over-use, or even regular use will cause diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite and other ill side effects. The latex depletes your body of potassium and causes electrolyte imbalances. Aloin in aloe vera for dogs may cause muscle weakness, intestinal illnesses, and cardiac issues. Ingestion by your dog can also lead to vomiting and diarrhea, and urinary problems. Though rare, eating or drinking large quantities of Aloe latex can cause tremors in dogs.

Almost all Aloe Vera products, unless specifically identified, are processed to remove any aloin-containing parts of the plant and so are safe to use with no serious side effects aside from rare allergic reactions. The key differentiator in AloeCure products, and our Juice in particular, is how we do it. Nearly all other Aloe Vera products on the market utilize charcoal filtration or enzymes that they add to ground up Aloe Vera leaves to help remove the aloin. While that might sound fine, it also strips a large amount of the other components naturally found in Aloe Vera during the process. When you see other Aloe Vera Juices that are clear or don't have any smell or taste, that is almost certainly a sign they have used one of these two methods. While the taste of Aloe Vera isn't for everyone, if you aren't tasting it, you probably aren't drinking what you think you are. 

At AloeCure, we have developed an entirely natural and proprietary process by which we remove all Aloin from our products without the addition of outside ingredients or enzymes or charcoal filtration. AloeCure process all of our aloe within 12 Hours of Harvest from our Organic plantations in order to ensure maximum preservation of nutrients found in wild Aloe Vera.

For this reason, it is important to only feed your dog pure Aloe products that are properly processed for consumption and do not contain potentially dangerous aloin.

As always, be sure to consult with your veterinarian before adding any supplement to your dog's diet.

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