Multi-Agency Organic Certified Aloe

AGHG believes you should understand where the products you ingest or put on your skin come from, which is why we put such an emphasis on our plantations and processing. AGHG, the parent company of AloeCure, is the sole owner of 3 EcoCert certified organic aloe vera plantations, covering nearly 1,000 acres and provide the aloe for all our products. In addition, AGHG also owns and operates a 75,000+ square feet, EcoCert certified organic processing and manufacturing facility for food and cosmetic grade aloe products alongside its plantations in China.

All three of AGHG’s Aloe Vera plantations are located in Guangdong and Hainan provinces in the subtropical region of southern China. AGHG established the plantations in 2000 and made a long-term commitment to revive what had been agriculturally stripped land by employing organic, ecologically sustainable agriculture techniques. We have never been focused on growing the largest aloe or getting the highest yield from our fields, but rather growing the highest quality, most bio-active aloe for our customers.  AGHG realized that the yield of your fields wasn’t the top metric and it did not matter how well you processed or preserved aloe if it wasn’t grown in a sustainable way that would also maximize its bioactivity and natural nutrients. Sustainable agriculture has been an ethos for the company since its inception, which benefits the local ecology, workers, and ultimately end customers.  No pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or growth hormones are or ever have been used on any of AGHG’s 3 farms. All weeding and harvesting are done by hand so you can get the best aloe vera benefits possible.

In 2018, the first of AGHG’s plantations was opened to the public as an ecotourism location highlighting the blending of American and Chinese sustainable agriculture techniques and providing a blueprint for Chinese agriculture to adopt as domestic consumers begin to understand the importance of sustainable agriculture.  All aloe vera is grown in strict accordance with the organic certification standards of the American National Organic Program (NOP), the European Union(EU), and of China.