Stay Healthy and Hydrated This Holiday Season

Christmas Party Outdoor DrinksThe holiday season is fast approaching, and with it much holiday cheer. We at AloeCure wish you the Happiest of Holidays and the Merriest of Christmases. It’s a great time of the year. You can see it in the faces of people all around—energy is flowing and anticipation is high. With it comes a steady stream of office parties, company celebrations, and the gathering of family and friends, which can add up to a lot of, “Ho, ho, ho-ing,” and more than enough, “Auld Lang Syne-ing!”

As much fun as it is, amidst the revelry, comes a shift in not only what we drink, but how much of it we drink. Alcohol dehydrates you, it’s no secret. It’s easy to raise a glass to health, happiness, and the season, but in order to maintain your health and happiness throughout the season, staying properly hydrated can make all the difference. Hydration is one of the best ways to avoid getting worn out and run down.

In fact, staying fully hydrated is essential to your overall health. A deficiency in hydration can lead to a lack of energy and fatigue, which can put your immunity at risk. Hydration controls your heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. Because blood is eighty percent water, it needs to be rehydrated daily. Otherwise, it thickens, which forces the heart to work harder. We all want to not only feel good, but look our best, too. Being hydrated also maintains healthy skin, hair, and nails.

What path should you follow to stay fully hydrated during the ‘holidaze?’ Follow these three tips to stay on course throughout the season (and all year long):

  • Good Morning! Start your day with a glass of water or aloe vera water. After a long winter’s nap your body’s ‘bone dry’ and needs hydration. It’s important to begin your day by replenishing yourself—before you have anything at all drink a full glass of water first thing out of bed.
  • Follow the ‘Hydration Equation.’ Do you really need to drink 8 glasses of water a day? It’s been a long-held belief and at times a mild point of controversy. The truth is: maybe, maybe not! It really depends on your weight. To stay hydrated, follow this simple, handy equation: Body Weight in lbs. ÷ 2 = Amount of water in oz. per day.
  •  Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink. A sign of impending hydration is mild thirst. Whenever you feel the slightest thirst, take a sip or two of whatever you’re drinking—water, juice, or, we would encourage you to try AloeVita Water.

AloeVita Water has many good things going for it. To begin with, AloeVita is organic aloe in pure water, bottled at the source, never from concentrate. It’s processed within twenty-four hours from the time it’s harvested. AloeVita, combined with your choice of Mango, Green Grape, Citrus, Wild Berry and Pomegranate natural flavors, is a great tasting, refreshing drink. It can support your immune system, too. Gluten free and vegan-approved, AloeVita Water is not derived from any animal or dairy products. It is a vitamin packed, low sodium, fat free beverage. If you want to learn more about the aloe vera water, check out one of our older posts, Is Aloe Water the New Coconut Water?.  Help yourself this holiday season by staying hydrated with plenty of water and AloeVita.

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