Our Favorite Gut Healthy Beverages

Aloe Water Gut HealthWe're happy that gut health is so trendy these days because it makes room in a saturated market for truly great products. People diagnosed with IBS and IBD as well as diets like Paleo, Whole30, FODMAPs, and others, have created a demand for good-for-the-gut products. Products that are truly focused on quality ingredients and formulas aim to make the belly feel better, as science is showing just how important a healthy gut and digestion is to overall wellbeing. With summer around the corner, we put together some of our favorite beverages on the market. Aloe water, kefir, probiotics, collagen, and kombucha; we got you covered.  

From left to right: Doctor D's Delicious Water Kefir, Farmhouse Culture Classic Gut Shots, Revive Kombucha Spring Fling, Pressery Organic Beef Shiitake Ginger Bone Broth, Vital Proteins, and AloeCure Water with Pure Aloe Leaf

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