5 Easy Ways to Cool Down with Aloe This Summer

Pure Aloe GelIt's summertime and you feel like you are melting. Your skin is sticking to the furniture and the car seats, and you can't shed anymore clothes. You would go swimming, but you don't have a swimming pool. No A/C? No problem. Aloe is a summer staple, usually associated with treating sunburns and skin irritations. But did you know that aloe can also help you stay cool and hydrated? Below we discuss some easy ways to keep cool this summer with everything from aloe water to pure aloe gel.

Aloe Gel Massage

A massage containing pure aloe gel creates a wonderful cooling sensation. Perfect after that long day at the beach, the aloe will cool and calm your burn. When applied to the lower legs and feet, the aloe can bring the body's temperature down a few degrees. Take the frosty factor up a notch by stashing the aloe gel in the fridge.

AloeCure Water

One sure way to keep cool is to stay hydrated. There is no better way to hydrate than drinking water containing pure aloe leaf. Stay cool, quench your thirst and reap the health benefits of aloe all at the same time. Aloecure offers this delicious and healthy treat in five refreshing flavors: Green Grape, Zero Calorie Green Grape, Mango, Pomegranate, and Wild Berry.

Aloe Flavored Ice Cubes

Spruce up your ice water with aloe flavored cubes. Simply add some aloe juice and fresh mint leaf into your ice tray, and freeze for 30-60 minutes. The aloe and mint combo is easy on the eyes and makes for a healthier water, as the aloe can aid in digestion and the mint is a solid source of Vitamin C.

Aloe Vera Face Mask

Aloe vera acts as a supreme moisturizer and exfoliator for your skin. To keep your face and neck feeling cool and hydrated this summer, try making an aloe vera face mask. You will need shea butter, olive oil and aloe vera gel (AloeCure's aloe gel would work perfectly). Combine all the ingredients well until a paste is produced. Apply it to your face and neck for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with cool water. The mask will restore the moisture in your skin and act as a refreshing hydrator.

Aloe Vera Plant

Not only handy to have around to treat those pesky sunburns, an aloe vera plant will actually help keep the temperature cool in your home. Aloe vera brings down ambient temperatures making for good protection against high heats.

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