Aloe Vera for Healthy Hair

Aloe Vera for Hair

Aloe Vera’s healing properties have been known for centuries. Aloe product lines are found extensively in the health and beauty industries for a very good reason. The ‘miracle plant’ has some incredible benefits to offer! 

With its many antiviral and antibacterial properties, it can be used to treat anything from cuts and sunburns to making soaps and shampoos. In fact, the use of Aloe vera for hair is widely used as a treatment for a variety of common issues related to the scalp. This includes frizzy, dry hair, reducing dandruff, or even to promote hair growth.

What Makes Hair "Healthy"?

Dry HairHair is not only a defining characteristic for us all, but a defining feature of our personalities. Healthy looking hair is more than just about personality, however. It is a general indication of good health.

Nevertheless, your health, along with genetics, can play a role in how your hair looks. Its color, age, thickness, how much of it you have and how much it grows are all factors in the appearance or look of hair.

Common problems people encounter with their hair that Aloe Vera can help with include:

  • Dry or damaged hair (frizzy, split ends)
  • Oily hair (dull texture with flat volume)
  • Dandruff (itchy, flaky scalp)
  • Hair loss

How Aloe Vera Benefits Hair

The abundance of commercial hair products for health, hygiene, and treatment is a testament to the importance placed on good looking hair. However, one of the more effective, best solutions to restore your hair’s vitality and original appearance is a natural one. Aloe Vera for hair can work wonders. Its healing properties not only strengthen your hair, but make your scalp healthier.

Conditioning Enzymes

Of the many compounds and properties found in Aloe Vera, one, its proteolytic enzymes, acts as a conditioner that will leave the hair smooth and shiny. The enzyme also helps to repair dead skin cells on the scalp.

Anti-Inflammatory Fatty Acids

Fatty acids found give Aloe Vera anti-inflammatory properties which can aid in resolving the skin inflammation associated with dandruff. The combination of enzymes and fatty acids found in Aloe Vera can relieve or prevent itching, and reducing dandruff.

Healing Hair Re-Growth

Through its healing properties, it even promotes hair growth. When applied, Aloe vera increases blood circulation to affected areas. Increases blood flow to the hair and scalp aids in preventing hair breakage, promoting growth, and slowing down hair loss.

Strengthening Proteins & Nutrients

Hair StrengthAloe vera also strengthens and repairs hair. It has a similar chemical composition as that of keratin, the protein of hair. In addition to its own nutrients, Aloe vera can rejuvenate hair, give it more elasticity and prevent it from weakening or breaking. Aloe contains such vitamins as A, C, and E, of all of which promote healthy cell growth and shiny hair. There’s also Vitamin B-12 and folic acid in Aloe vera which can keep your hair from falling out.

Cleansing Properties

The application of Aloe vera cleanses hair follicle efficiently, deep cleaning oily hair and removing the chemicals from other hair products that can leave residue that damages hair.

Nourishing Hydration

Unlike chemical-based hair products, Aloe Vera does not damage or hurt hair strands as it cleans. It actually helps to condition and preserve the integrity of your hair thanks to it's high H2O content and moisturizing capabilities.

How to Use Aloe Vera for Hair

Hair WashingTo get the full benefits of Aloe Vera for your hair, follow this process at least once per week or as needed:

  1. Apply a liberal amount of Aloe Vera to hair
  2. Massage Aloe into scalp, making sure all hair is covered
  3. Let sit for up to an hour to allow the gel to penetrate follicles
  4. Rinse Aloe out with plain water or a mild shampoo

Once complete, enjoy your healthier, shinier, and softer looking hair!

What Kind of Aloe to Use

Unlike the safety concerns with consuming raw Aloe Vera, you won't have to worry as much when applying to hair. Feel free to harvest your own Aloe plant. Or, if you are looking for a more convenient option, take advantage of a pure Aloe gel for maximum concentration of the plant's many beneficial ingredients.

There are many Aloe products available on the market, but be sure to find one with no additives or alcohol ingredients; these can damage your hair.

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